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These books are written and published with no profit to the author, and are written as part of the ministry of Bible Alive and for the Glory of God.


Seeking Truth Is Intended To Be An Easy To Understand Compilation Of Studies For The Disciple Of Christ To Obtain Clarity On The Subjects Of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Assurance of Salvation, the Bible Student, The True Church verses the Occult, Study of Prophecy and 16 different subject studies.

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The Book of Revelation as it Relates to Contemporary Christian Living is a verse by verse study of prophecy in the Bible. An in-depth commentary bringing to life the prophecies of the end days according to the Prophets of God with illuminating charts, maps and historical notes. It includes a Correlation of Daniel and Revelation, a complete outline of the Book of Revelation, and four applications for the Christian of today. The reader will come away with a clearer understanding of the end time prophecies that are so relevant today. This work is intended to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring eternal glory to our great Triune God.

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Heaven Just Ahead! 120 pages  Dr. Harry A. Adams $8.00
God; I Want to Ask You.  Seven Questions when Facing Death Dr. Harry A. Adams $7.00
Think on These Things...Once Again! Bertelle Richarson $9.50
Major Doctrines of the Christian Faith 153 pages Dr. Ralph D. Richardson $10.00
Bible Digest: A Brief Guide to Every Book of the Bible Dr. Ralph Richarson $9.00
The AMG Concise Bible Survey Dr. Harry Adams $18.00